flight patterns Flight Patterns by Karen White (2016 fiction)

Georgia Chambers enjoys a career as an antique appraiser and expert in fine china in New Orleans after leaving her home in Apalachicola, Florida, due to a quarrel with her family. When a client appears with a request to evaluate a set of Limoges, she feels she has seen the pattern before at her home. Despite her estrangement from her family, she feels she must visit them in order to determine whether the china is a custom pattern or if additional sets exist. The provenance of the china is not the only mystery to unravel. Georgia‚Äôs mother has not spoken for several years, and her grandfather hides a crime that was committed 70 years ago. In researching the bee-patterned china, Georgia discovers a link between her family and that of her client. And there is the set of circumstances that caused her to leave home ten years ago. Karen White is a master of novels that involve both convoluted mysteries and family relationships. This one is no exception, and it is a page-turner with surprises in every chapter. Recommended.

Reviewed by Ginger Russell


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