greetings from the lincoln highwayGreetings from the Lincoln Highway — Brian Butko (2013 nonfiction)

Most of you have seen the red-white-and-blue "Lincoln Highway" historical signs that were posted along Foothill Road, Grove Way, East Castro Valley Boulevard, Dublin Canyon Road, and other local streets in the Bay Area. This book follows the Lincoln Highway, constructed 100 years ago as the first transcontinental roadway, across the United States from New York to San Francisco. It is a wonderful book that details the first, second, and third generations of the route, with maps, history, and new and old photographs. This book makes you want to holler "Road Trip!" but even if you never visit the eastern stretches, the local history is fascinating, and there are plenty of places to visit right in our own back yard. Recommended, especially for transportation and history buffs.

Reviewed by Ginger Russell