gone girlGone Girl by Gillian Flynn (2012 Fiction) and 20th Century Fox/Regency Enterprises production

The Novel: Gillian Flynn’s novel is a page-turner, although it isn’t one of those books you can read in a weekend. The plot concerns a 30-something couple, Nick and Amy Dunne, working through difficulties in their relationship. On their fifth anniversary, Amy disappears and Nick becomes the town whipping boy. Related in alternating chapters by the two protagonists, the story twists and turns until it eventually reaches its conclusion.

The Film: Fans of the book will not be disappointed. Gillian Flynn was able to translate her very tense, thrilling novel into a very tense, thrilling screenplay. The cast is excellent, and the plot twists are pretty much all there and just as provocative as they are in the book. I don’t want to tell anything else about it, but fans of thrillers and mysteries will love this one. The book and the film are both recommended.

Reviewed by Ginger Russell