November 2017

(From the November 2017 Circle of Friends Newsletter)

Farewell: This will be my last President’s Report to you as elections of three officers, including that of President of the Friends, are next week at the Annual Friends Meeting. It has been an interesting two years and a growth experience for me. I wish my successor well.

Become active: The Friends is an organization and, though incorporated as a public charity, works like any other business that has been growing successfully for thirty years. As in any organization, there is a learning curve to becoming familiar with the various aspects of the operation, but fortunately, there are many experienced hands eager to guide the fresh volunteer.

The very idea of being on the Board of Directors may seem like a big jump for a member, but let me assure you that it is not impossible. One way is to volunteer at one of the book sales or at the BookStore if space is available. We’re always looking for new ideas.

If you’re the business-oriented type, maybe you could attend a Board meeting as an observer. This would provide a more behind-the-scenes perspective of an organization whose purpose is to grow the Castro Valley community through fund-raising for the purpose of providing resources beyond what the Alameda County system might afford.

As in any organization, the main issues always center around finances, plans for both the short and the long term, publicity, outreach, personnel, and physical plant. It’s a short step to joining the Board as an At-Large Director. Now you’ve got a say in how things are run and a lot of flexibility in duties, whether assigned or on your own initiative. If you’re of a financial mind, Treasurer would be the next rung. If you’re an organizer, Vice President and then President would be the logical progression.

To keep the Friends of the Castro Valley Library a viable and productive resource for the literary enhancement of the community will need new leaders to step up as the old guard steps down. We have several hundred members. Surely there must be one or two or three members who want to be active in their community’s growth and have the few hours a week that it takes. We need to start staffing the Board of 2019 right now.

November Annual Meeting and Election: Remember that all and any you, as members of Friends of the Castro Valley Library have a vote in the approval of the new 2017-2018 budget and to vote for new officers. You also have the right The Annual Meeting will be held November 14th at the Library Chabot/Canyon Room. See page 5 for more info. to run for any of the Board of Directors positions that will be opening up this fall as terms expire. The openings will include President, Secretary, and an At-Large Director. The annual members meeting is scheduled for the evening of November 14, 2017.

Roger Caswell, President
Friends of the Castro Valley Library