a fireproof home for the brideA Fireproof Home for the Bride by Amy Scheibe (2015 fiction)

The title is certainly different, and you don’t discover its meaning until almost the end of the book, but eventually all becomes clear. The story is set in 1950’s Morehead Minnesota and its “twin” of Fargo, North Dakota. The rural community is largely conservative, Lutheran (a very rigid synod), and poor. Emmy Nelson is betrothed to neighbor Ambrose Brann, somewhat against her wishes, and forced into compliance by her mother. She manages an evening out with friends and discovers there are greener pastures and a more attractive suitor, and through a series of unforeseen events, frees herself from both Ambrose and her family situation. In the process, though, she also discovers that Ambrose and several of her neighbors and family members are involved in an extreme racist group that is an offshoot of the KKK. The book starts somewhat slowly, but it soon becomes both interesting and thrilling as Emmy comes into her own. Ms. Scheibe’s writing style is persuasive and descriptive, and she puts the reader right into the middle of the rural Minnesota winter. Recommended.

Reviewed by Ginger Russell


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