my grandfathers coatMy Grandfather's Coat by Jim Aylesworth, illustrated by Barbara McClintock (2014 fiction)

My Grandfather's Coat is a 32-page charmer for youngsters and the family and friends who read to them. Based on an Old World Yiddish story and song, it tells the story of Grandfather’s elegant wedding coat which, over years of constant wear, becomes a little tattered so it is made into a vest for his son, which in time becomes frayed so it becomes a tie and continues to be lovingly downsized through four generations. Each new re-creation is engagingly illustrated to delight the viewer’s eyes and mind. The recycling possibilities for this garment are boundless and perhaps can create in children the resolve to use and reinvent some of their own possessions. Highly recommended for children from 4 to 94! Available in the Children’s Section of the Castro Valley Library.

Reviewed by Carol Lyke


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