poetry takes flight

Poetry Takes Flight: Birds of California by James Roethe (2023 fiction)

This review is of a singular book familiar to some Friends of the Castro Valley Library as it was introduced to us in November of 2023. Poetry Takes Flight: Birds of California by James Roethe was published in 2023. The book comprises the author’s descriptions of familiar California birds. Each are shown in wonderful photographs accompanied by a short description of aspects of the bird’s life and/or importance to the author. Jim Roethe then writes a wonderful poem. Often the poem mentionsimportant characteristics of the bird such as size, plumage, habits, and habitats, though even more delightful are words that tell the reader WHY the bird attracted the poet. The poems reflect the writing skills of the author and his joy in being the birdwatcher who loves seeing birds in his travels. This is a fun book to read, not only for those of us interested in birds, but anyone who appreciates the fine use of writing to describe the often-lovely birds at our feeders!

Reviewed by Ned Lyke