(From the August 2023 Circle of Friends Newsletter)

Happy Summer, Friends! While the weather has not been the seasonal warmth we expect here in the Bay Area, nonetheless, summer brings vegetables growing in our gardens, free outdoor evening concerts and Sunday movies at our library! We are gearing up for our summer book sale on August 4, 5, and 6. As usual, Friday night is limited to members of the Friends. Sunday is $5 a bag day. I hope you have put the dates on your calendar!


Our BookStore Committee has come up with a couple of new features. We have a multicultural section that includes both fiction and non-fiction, adult and children’s books. Each of our people in charge of categories will place books in this new section. Please take a peek at it on Aisle 2B. The other innovation that I’m excited about is our Staff Favorite flyers. When our volunteers come across a book they really enjoyed, they will fill out this short, goldenrod paper and tuck it into the top of the book. You might find these in any section. I saw some in the new release area on the outer shelf as well as in the history and children’s sections. Our volunteers love to talk to our customers about books, so this is a perfect way to spread their thoughts around. Watch for these bright quarter sheets sticking out of books!


Have you thought about volunteering in our Book Store? The volunteers working shifts in the store develop a great camaraderie. It’s fun to meet our regular customers, hear about their day, watch children pick out their books. On a recent Saturday, a family came in to donate books. With them were their children whose books were being donated. The little girl removed the books from the big bag for us. Her mom said that these had been read by both the older brother and the little girl. She said it was hard for them to give them up, but it was time. This is one of the moments that stands out in our volunteer experience. Why don’t you consider joining the volunteer team at our BookStore? Volunteer forms are available at the office.


Watch for a $2 coupon for use at the sale or at our store in the August 2nd Castro Valley Forum!! Looking forward to seeing you at the Book Sale!!!