Thank you for your cooperation in making the Friends BookStore a pleasant place to browse and shop! These guidelines are based on suitability of materials for resale and very limited storage facilities. If you are unsure, please contact a volunteer for guidance before bringing in "questionable material."

A general rule: If you would not purchase it in its current condition, please do not donate it!

"Gently used" materials are gratefully accepted within the guidelines listed below.

We are unable to accept:

  1. Books and other written materials that are:
    1. Damp, moldy, smelly, smoky
    2. Underlined or highlighted
    3. With torn pages and backs
    4. Generally not in good condition
  2. Certain types of media such as:
    1. Outdated atlases, computer manuals, price lists for collectors, and travel guides
    2. Textbooks older than 3 years
    3. Library discards, pornographic materials, and catalogs
    4. Encyclopedias and other multi-volume sets
    5. Teacher edition texts without student books
    6. Readers Digest condensed fiction
    7. VHS tapes 
    8. Cassette tapes

Magazines in good condition from the past four months are acceptable. Please ask about older magazines.